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USA-Made Die Cutting and Molding Presses
Bruno Associates in Scotia, NY prides itself in its BRUNO press line, a diverse line of die cutting and molding presses designed and built in the USA. BRUNO die cutting and molding presses feature designs and craftsmanship that are proven through years of production. We keep our equipment mechanisms simple to help clients train their staff quickly and easily.
Why Choose the BRUNO Press Line?

Excellent-Quality Machine Presses
Bruno Associates is home to highly trained and skilled technicians committed to building top-of-the-line presses. We also have a dedicated Quality Control team that carefully assesses each machine built, making sure that every detail is accurate.

Presses With Low Maintenance Costs
Bruno Associates is highly regarded for building die cutting and molding presses that are simple to use and easy to maintain. We use brand name products that are readily available, and we also offer a PLC program that monitors the key operating devices of the presses to notify clients of possible issues, preventing costly downtime.
What They Say
“If you want a quality, long-lasting press to maximize your manufacturing process,
then you need a BRUNO!
Bruno Die Cutting Presses
BRUNO Presses are manufactured with all-steel fabrication. They are stress-relieved, designed and built for heavy production requirements.

Press sizes range from
10” to 120” Wide
10” to 216” Deep
10 to 3000 tons

Cutting Size
(L-R): 10” to 120”
(F-B): 10” to 216”

Material Handling
Manual or Automated | Pick and Place Units | Robots | Stackers | Unwind Stands
Press feed systems include
Belt Feeds | Clamp Feeds | In-line Systems|
Manual Sliding Trays | Progressive Feed Shuttles | Roll Feeds

High-Speed Die Cutters
20 to 40 Ton Die Cutters Capable of 75 Strokes per Minute – Cutting 24” x 24”
50 to 100 Ton Die Cutters Capable of 83 Strokes per Minute – Cutting 32” x 24”

Why Choose the BRUNO Press Line?

Production Accessories and Automation
Bruno Associates also offers add-ons to fully optimize and streamline our clients’ production operations:
Pick and Place Systems
Scrap Removal
Enhance Your Production With BRUNO Presses
Level up your production operations with the BRUNO die cutting and trim presses! Consult our professionals today for the right equipment for your manufacturing process. Contact us to speak with our agents. We also offer services for all our BRUNO products.
Embossing & Stamping and Heat Sealing & Molding Machines
BRUNO mold and trim presses are controlled by four interactive variables: load, position, velocity, and time.

The tooling for molding presses may be heated and can contain auxiliary hydraulic cylinders to cut surfaces that are not perpendicular to the platen motion.

Selecting a mold and trim press requires a thorough understanding of the intended process or the recognition that the press is a process development tool and must have all the anticipated control functions to develop a process.
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